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Henson Properties are a team of professionals with over 30 years of experience in real estate and business broking focusing upon the Asian market in Australia, and in Sydney in particular.
Our aim is to provide a self-service platform to individuals or organisations to sell their properties and/or business/franchise to investors in Asia, particularly in China and in Hong Kong. We also facilitate the opportunity for Australian business owners to form joint venture or different forms of business partnership with those in Asian market.
We know the need of both the sellers and buyers, and we understand the key to successfully close property and business deals, in most secured and timely manner. Therefore, apart from the self-service platform we have created, we also have a team of professionals capable of providing assisted-service in real estate and business acquisition advisory, migration advisory, taxation advisory, and much more.
In past years, our real estate and business consultancy arms have many achievements and proven successes. Multiple real estate expos were organised for our clients in China, Hong Kong, Singapore and Indonesia. Multiple business acquisition deals were closed successfully on behalf of the investors from China, Hong Kong and Malaysia.
With the advancement of Internet technology, investors in China begin to heavily rely upon online services to seek opportunities. Therefore, Window to China has established stronger Strategic Alliances with a number of major real estate and business broking web portals in China, in order to reach the investors more efficiently and effectively.
In 2014 we have joined with Informa Australia to run Windows To China concurrently with the extremely successful Home Buyer & Property Investor Show. Informa places huge value on its events business and to its large scale face-to-face marketing platforms all over the world. Informa plc was formed in December 1998 by the merger of IBC Group plc, an events focused business and publisher LLP (Lloyd’s of London Press).
Since then, the continual growth and vision of the company has been built around the supply of high quality, proprietary knowledge through leading brands in the world of publishing, conferences, exhibitions and training.
Today, Informa is a progressive and successful international business headquartered in Switzerland and is listed on the London stock exchange. It produces thousands of industry leading products and services in 45 countries around the world.
With the combined expertise of Henson Properties and informa Australia, Window to China will continue to see success, and will excel in providing self-service online platform and assisted professional services to our clients in developing their investment property portfolios and business profiles.

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